Pops of Neon

Neon Animal Belt

Thrifted Boyfriend top

Forever21 Shorts Plus Size

Hey Everyone, 
I am seriously loving this neon green animal print belt from ASOS it is definitely becoming a staple for me especially since it's summer. I wore this outfit to the movies with my cousin and her bestie. We saw The Dark Knight and while at the movie I couldn't help but think of the victims of the Aurora tragedy. My prayers and thoughts are with all those affected by such a senseless act of violence. This is a crazy world we live in and it's unfortunate that people feel the need to take another persons life. What happened in Aurora could have easily happened to any of us...but God. You just truly never know so we must live life to fullest and remember to stayed prayed up! I'm going to try to make a more conscious effort to show and tell those I love, just how much I do.

On a lighter note, I loved the movie! :)

P.S. I'm linking up with It's My Taste for Trendy Tuesdays, you should too! My trend is neon.

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Top: Vintage. Thrifted (SimilarShorts: Forever 21+ (similar)  Wedges: Candies via Kohls (similar)  Clutch: Forever 21 (similar, similar) Belt: ASOS (get it here) Rocco Print Earrings:  Forever 21 (exact similar pair here)

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  1. I love your POP of color. You always have the most amazing clutches. I need to raid your closet!

  2. I love those freakin shoes!!! Great pics!


  3. You look great...I need to start shopping on ASOS.

    ...But for God!!!

  4. Looking Fab!!! ENTIRE outfit is great! (and I love your hair!!!!)

  5. I love it! I see you're in downtown RO! My fave location!

  6. Beautiful! I <3 shorts worn with sass!!!

  7. Beautiful, you look too gorgeous, those shorts are amazing, I love the nail polish, the belt and the shoes!! I love your blog so much right now!!

    Please try your best to follow me back via GFC at http://allofthatgoodstuff.blogspot.ca/

  8. Very cute! Love the highwaisted shorts!!

  9. You find the most amazing accessories! What an eye you have for detail and beauty!

  10. You are just TOO CUTE!!! I really like this outfit!!!! <3

  11. Oooh and that toe nail polish??? Loves it!

  12. Inez you look hot girl! I love the pop of color. So now I'm looking for a really cool neon belt...

    & thanks for linking up!!

  13. Love this fit! The shoes/toe polish combo is so perfect :)

    ps.Im following you on instagram but your blog is even better than just a few flashes of your outfits..Im so excited. Dont know why Im just checking out your blog. Shame on me lol.

  14. When I read the "but God" phrase I could hear my sister Keshia's voice. She says this all the time when she is giving praise. You both are so right..if it had not been for HIM. Glad to know His protection. Now on to this cute summer look. You already know I'm a neon, animal print and white button up fan so you are winning here. Did you take these with your tripod? How weird did it feel to take pics in public with folks staring??


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