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Aldo clutch Royal Blue Striped Clutch Striped Palazzo Pants 

Hey y'all!
Not Much to say today! I hope everyone had a great weekend! If you follow me on instagram, then you know I'm trying something new with my hair and I kinda love it! Quick story on these pants, I originally didn't like the length on me and thought they'd look better as shorts. Before I have them altered I thought I'd wear them and I like them. Go figure! 

I'll leave you all with this great quote, have a great week! 

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions. 
Watch your actions, for they become habits. 
Watch your habits, for they become character. 
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

P.S. I took these pics with my new tripod (I found at my local Radio Shack) and I love how they turned out.
| Top: Random T-Shirt Similar here | Pants: Thrifted (Auntie Lily's Closet). Similar here and here  | Python Sandals: Kardashian Kollection Kohls buy here
Earrings: InPirateWeTrust, Similar here | Multi-Color Clutch: Aldo similar here and here |

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  1. WERKKKK! Love the mix of pattern with the pant and shoe! As well, the shoe game: on point. Have a great day and awesome week ahead!

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee those pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Work it!! Love and adore those pants mama :) And I love your new hair style love!!


  4. love the hair! told you would look fab in a twa lol. too cute

  5. Those pants are awesome and you look FAB!! Glad you left them as pants, very chic indeed.


  6. I'm glad you left them as pants! They're awesome! So you finally went natural!!!! You're gonna love it!

  7. Cute!!!! Lovin' your striped pants & bag =)

    1. p.s. LOVE that quote, it's words worth remembering.

  8. Love the pants and I want the shoes sooo bad, but I am too afraid that I can't get my chubby feet in them or the straps would kill my feet! Lol!!!

    Great Inspirational Quote!!

  9. Good to have you back Inez!!! You look gorgeous as usual!

  10. Loving the new hair and those pants!!!

  11. Love the hair, it looks great on you!! The outfit is cute, love the shoes!!

    Carsedra of:

  12. OMG! I love your NEW DO also! I'm thinking of changing mine, just NOT sure! LOVE the 'fit, esp. the shoes!!! LOVELY! :)

  13. Good choice to keep them as pants. Definitely words to live by on the quote.

  14. Those PANTS are EVERYTHING!!!!! I seeee you got on our shoessss... I guess I had better find something to pair mine up with! :-)

  15. Thanks for the inspirational words! I needed to read that.

  16. So glad you are back and you are looking just as fabulous as ever!!

  17. Inez those pants are to die for..I'm loving them and I also have that same clutch from Aldo ;-)

  18. Ma'mn, those pants are everything! That is all.

  19. Huh? You didn't LOVE these pants from jump? Let me text you my size so you can focus on someone who will love all the things your thrift, ha haaaa! I'm really liking the hair. You'll have to give me the deets when we chat. The quote always speaks volumes no matter where I am on this journey called life.

  20. I so thought you were wearing a skirt! I think they would look great either way.


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