Dressing Room Chronicles: Dressbarn

Style in Unexpected Places

I'm a firm believer that a true fashionista can shop just about anywhere and make it work! In my opinion style is about making a look your own and adding your unique spin to it. I'll shop just about anywhere as I long as like the style and can make the item work for me.

I had never shopped Dressbarn before, so, naturally I was very excited to receive the invite to attend the Dressbarn Grand Opening Event! I was definitely up for the challenge to see what I could find! 

Here are a few things I loved. 

Instagram pic
I'll share what I wore later ;)
I was really quite surprised, from the selection to the layout of the store (the dressing room was absolutely beautiful)  to the hidden gems I found, I'll definitely make sure I stop into Dressbarn more often. Martha and Maria and the sales clerks were all so accommodating, I even received a goodie bag full of coupons and other goodies to take with me!

You should definitely check out your local Dressbarn store and if you're in the metro Detroit area head on over to the new Novi store and tell them Inez sent you.  Browse the online store here!

So, have you ever shopped dressbarn? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've picked up a few accessories from DressBarn. My mom and sister have found nice dresses from there. I really like your selections.

  2. I've only been in DressBarn once or twice quite a few years ago. I will be checking them out again soon. I love that dotted blazer. Very cute!

  3. I've popped in there from time to time and they do have great dresses.

  4. I've window shopped at Dress Barn and was pleasantly surprised.

  5. Cute Inez!!! I havent been in Dress Barn in forever but I'm gonna have to stop by.


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