Cobalt Blue + Leopard Print

Leopard and Cobalt Blue Plus Size (2) (853x1280)
Leopard and Cobalt Blue Plus Size (5) (853x1280)

Hey everyone!
So, remember when Erika and I went to Dressbarn for the grand opening event? Well, this is what I wore, the event was on a Friday and I ran home to quickly change into something a little more appropriate then my work attire. I'm wearing my Target wedges that I love, cobalt blue skinnies from Dots a very very old cami from Old Navy and my thrifted top. I have one gripe about these pants they started off fitted and then fit more like harem pants by the end of the night! LOL. Don't you hate when that happens?!

Now that it's fall I figured I had better share this outfit before winter gets here. *wink*
| Top: Thrifted (similar)  Colored Jeans: Dots (similar) Shoes: Target (Similar)  Belt: Dots (Similar)  Cami: Old Navy (similar)|

Thanks for reading!


  1. beautiful look love the colors !!!

  2. Cobalt blue is my favorite shade of blue. Its so electric! You look smashing Doll! Kiah

  3. Very cute!! The colors are on point & I love the touches of leopard! They have those shoes at my Target for $8.98. I think I might grab them!

    And I agree with you. I can't stand when jeans lose their shape.

  4. Really cute outfit, I still have yet to buy a pair of colored jeans and I keep saying I am!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. Such a cute and colorful look!! I too hate when that happens, lol

  6. Love the color combo. I have a dress like that it's skin tight when you put it on and 3 hours later it's matronly loose

  7. Woo I love the blue and yellow together, super bright and punchy! And I remember seeing those shoes at Target, they're super cute! :)


  8. Love the style composition!!!! The way you made the leopard pop!

  9. I was wondering about their jeans. Umma pass although they don't look like they got the way you described then, LOL :) Great color combo. Anytime leopard print is worn, j get all fuzzy whuzzy inside!

  10. Do you ever look un-fabulous? Lol!'one of my favorite bloggers!


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