Out and About: Styles in the City Fashion Conference

Styles in the City - The Fashion Conference Recap 

Styles In TheCity is a two-day fashion conference/expo catered towards helping the communityreach its full business and fashion potential all while providingresources to help those in the fashion industry learn how to increasetheir visibility in the marketplace, build brand reputationand increase sales.  (source)

As you all know, I had the pleasure of being an official blogger for the Styles in the City event which took place last weekend and was a success. Today, I'll be recapping the fashion conference, this is my first post of three, so stay tuned. 

This year the conference focus was Brand Builders, the panelist shared insight on public relations, graphic design, image and overall tips on the branding of a successful business. There was a wealth of information being shared and I made sure to soak it all in and as well as take notes. I also tweeted highlights as well. The conference was definitely resourceful and enlightening.   
From R to L: Willie Donwell, Justin Norman, Darnell Macon, Latrice Dalgado-Macon,
Asia Willis, Myron Watkins, Ebony Rollins and the MC Jamar Broaden

The awesome panelists included:
Willie Donwell and Justin Norman of Will Do Designs, Myron Watkins of 5yve, Asia Willis of Project Press Public Relations, and the NYLA ReportDarnell Macon and Latrice Dalgado-Macon of TalkofDetroit.com, and Ebony Rollins of ERollins Group.

Here are just a few of the highlights.

·  "When building your brand: Watch what you say. Look the part. Be your own billboard." 
·     "Does your image embody whatyou do and what you're selling?" -Justin Norm
·  "Networking is your net worth." - Darnell Macon
·       "Collaboration is important.Come with an open mind." -Willie Donwell
·        "Pitching your brand? Have aclear concise and consistent message." -Asia Willis 
·        "Invest in your business notjust with money but with time." - Myron Watkins
·        "A brand without a marketingplan is a hobby!" -Ebony Rollins
Styles in the City Conference

After the conference, we took advantage and networked with one another. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the panelists and other attendees.
styles in the city conference 3
Here I'm pictured with top:  Jamila of Fashion Style Detroit, Liz of Illustrious Jewelry by Liz, Danae of Le Thrifty Madre
bottom: Liz, and Ebony Rollins, with Jamar Broaden and with Asia Willis

Liz was also an official blogger of #SITC12, be sure to check out her take on the event here. Excellent recap. 

For more information on ERollins Group, visit their website www.erollingroup.com

Thanks for reading!


  1. I missed a few quotes my note taking skill is rusty! Great recap.

  2. Yes love the hair and that stole!! Faux Fur Stoles are definitely my go to accessory this fall. and I am also looking for a nice faux fur hat and ear muffs at that.....we'll find some don't worry!

  3. So cool! Wish I could have attended. We need event like this in South Florida .


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