Peplum Tops


While packing for my trip to Chicago, I packed two peplum tops that I scored from Bisou Bisou at JCPenney. These tops can be styled various ways, both casually and dressed up. Layer them, pair them with skirts or trousers, seriously, the possibilities are endless. Just when I thought I was over the peplum trend, when I wore this peplum dress for my 30th bday, I ran across these beauties for a mere $10, I couldn't pass them up.  I'm kicking myself for not getting them in pink and teal.

I was prepared to do a ton of walking while wearing this outfit so I dressed it down with a flat boot, I could easily kick it up a notch with a pair of pointy toe heels or even a strappy sandal for spring.

So are you over the peplum or is it here to stay?

Thanks to Liz for snapping these shots for me.
I'll be sharing more of #Liz360Chicago all next week so stay tuned!

| Peplum Top: Bisou Bisou JCPenney  Sheer Blouse: Forever 21    Pants: Random 
Illustrious by Liz   Necklace: Forever 21  Wide Calf Boots:   |

Thanks for reading! 


  1. I love Peplum Tops because they are "muffin top" friendly.

    You look great and the shots are fantastic.

    1. LOL, yes they are! Thanks Liz did do great with my shots!

  2. Definitely here to stay I think. I bought that top too! I debated cause I have a few peplum tops already but I ended up getting it cause $10! Why not!

  3. You look amazing and that is a great top. A great keeper!

  4. Cute this is the perfect way to transition wardrobe from winter to spring!

  5. Totally gorgeous! I'm obsessed with peplum! I hope its here to stay! x

  6. so cute! i love the whole look!

  7. Sing, really?! I think they'd look great on you!


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