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It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I should have started the My Style is Thrifted Chic series and share with you all my thoughts on thrifting! So, I thought this week would be a great week to do it, especially since I'm going to "Thrift the Runway" this Saturday in the Goodwill Fashion Show so I hope you don't mind. :)

Thrifted Items: Blouse and Fur Collar

What I enjoy most about thrifting...is the uniqueness that thrifting gives my closet. The element of surprise while thrifting is similar to an adrenaline rush for me. You are almost sure to find a one-of-a-kind treasure that no one else will have and that to me, makes the hunt worth it!

Two thrifting tips I'd give someone who's thrifting for the first time...No. 1: Pack your patience and go in with a plan. Take a list and take your time. No. 2: Dress comfortably in what I call, the thrifting uniform: leggings and a fitted tee, wearing this will allow you to try things on without adding bulk. I try ev-e-ry-thing on at the thrift store even if I know it's not my size, you'll be surprised what may work for you so have an open mind!

Thrifted Item: Blazer and Clutch
My absolute favorite thrifted item would have to be...probably all of my blazers, lol, just kidding (but really serious)! It's a toss up between this Indian inspired blazer that I'm sure was handmade or my pleated maxi dress (pictured above). I love the blazer for its uniqueness (I will be styling it soon) and the dress well it's just classic and was a great find and steal.

Well guys,  I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more of why I thrift! I'm actually working on an upcoming post: 10 Tips for the Plus Size Thrifter, so stay tuned!

My Style is Thrifted Chic is a feature showcasing thrifting tips and thrifted finds of Style Chic 360 Readers. If you would like to be featured check out this post here for details on how to submit your looks. Images may be featured on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. You have thrifted some great pieces, the dress in the first pic is eva-ray-thang!

  2. Excellent advice and you have founds some amazing pieces!

  3. This look is perfect! The colour mix is lovely and ice-creamy! (the pink dress with white blazer)


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