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Thrilled to share another fabulous thrifter. Jireh is a fabulous blogger I've had the pleasure of meeting in person, she happens to be one of my favorite Detroit area bloggers. She's not only a member of the blogger network I founded, FASH DET: Fashion Bloggers of Detroit, she writes for Detroit Fashion News and holds down her personal style blog, Just Jireh with her amazing style and faith posts. Jireh re-purposes and refashions her thrifted finds beautifully! 
 Here's what she has to say about thrifting.
Thrifted Item: Overalls, Salvation Army
What do you enjoy most about thrifting? 
I’ve found that the pre-thrifting determination is one of the things I enjoy most because when you have an open mind for your search you become more excited and motivated about your shopping wonderland. Also, my current style peg is derived from the ‘80s and ‘90s and the thrift store provides all those decade goodies. Finding rare and unique items give me an adrenaline rush!
Thrifted Items: Dress: Salvation Army Shoes: Value World

What are two tips you would give someone who's thrifting for the first time? 
1. Have an open mind. Realize the potential that an item may have. So you can’t find distressed jeans, an acid wash denim vest, or studded shorts. Or perhaps a top you found with an awesome print is too big for you. Refashion, refashion, refashion! Distress those jeans, stud or embellish shorts, bleach that denim, add darts or tailor anything that doesn’t quite fit, and add some fabric here or there. Nothing’s better than making something that’s already unique a one-of-a-kind item.

2. Branch out to different thrift stores. Every location and market demographic surrounding it is different. This can mean that your fashion style may be saturated in a certain thrift store more than another because people who have a similar fashion sense as you are donating things that will attract you more. I have been going to the same Salvation Army for years and it was only until a few months ago I discovered another location with better, exciting items. It may be a longer drive but when you have love-at-first-sight moments with a particular item, it’s worth it.

Tell us about your favorite thrifted find. 
I have died and gone to thrift store heaven recently! It’s a toss up between a pair of multicolored booties for only $12.00 and a leopard print maxi skirt [pictured above] I found at a Salvation Army for $1.99. Sometimes I wonder why people choose to do away with this awesome stuff!

Jireh, wow, such great tips, having an open mind is key when thrifting! You know I love that animal print skirt and I love the way you refashioned that cold shoulder blouse! FAB! 
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