Minoru Yamasaki's Reflecting Pool and Sculpture Gardens Re-Dedication: McGregor Memorial Conference Center

I've long admired the architecture of the McGregor Memorial Conference Center at Wayne State University and always wondered when or if the adjacent reflecting pool would be restored. That day has finally arrived and I wanted to be sure I was present for the unveiling.
On May 1st, the McGregor Memorial Conference Center's reflecting pool designed by esteemed architect Minoru Yamasaki was re-dedicated and revealed. The reflecting pool and sculpture gardens were originally constructed in 1957-58 under Yamasaki's vision of "an island of urban delight". This nearly $2-million revitalization was made possible by donor gifts, beautification funds and will be upkeep largely by an endowed fund created by WSU alumna Carol Jonson.
The reflecting pools honor and reflect Yamasaki's original designs and feature original sculptures and artwork placed in the original areas of the space.
Link to video: http://youtu.be/xs3du0dgXw0

Honorable speakers, WSU's President Allan Gilmore,  Carol Yamasaki, daughter of Minoru Yamasaki and WSU Instructor, Kuninori Matsuda, Consul General of Japan in Detroit, and members of WSU's Board of Governors spoke of how important this revitalization was to the Yamasaki legacy. 
 A ceremonial pouring of water into the pond concluded the ceremony and a beautiful reception commenced, with music from a string quartet and the serving of gourmet hors d'oeuvres and cocktails.   

"It is right here in the heart of Detroit where Mr. Yamasaki chose to call home…and his own distinctive style was born." 
~Kuninori Matsuda

Photo of Minoru Yamasaki, taken by Taro Yamasaki, 1979
"Now we have a little more opportunity to sit and experience serenity and delight...ensuring that the renewed beauty will be maintained into the future, this was very important to my father." 
-Carol Yamasaki

For more information on Yamasaki, visit: yamasaki.wayne.edu
Yamasaki is perhaps best known for his design of the World Trade Centers
All photos owned by Style Chic 360.

Thanks for reading!  ~Inez


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