Interview: DeCarlos Stewart Founder of Voo Vodka (First Black-Owned Premium Vodka) #VooLife

During a private tasting of Voo Vodka, I had the opportunity to sit down with the founder, DeCarlos Stewart. DeCarlos Stewart, a native Detroiter is the founder of the first black-owned premium vodka, that is made is right here in Michigan! Voo which is 8 times distilled versus the norm which is 5 times is sure to have a distinct smoother taste. During this candid interview DeCarlos and I share a few laughs as he enlightens me on the brand, which is Voo Vodka.
Style Chic 360: What made you want to start your own liquor company? How did Voo Vodka come about?
DeCarlos Stewart: Diddy. If he can get it I can get, yeah, yeah told you I want stop. Naw, seriously, I wanted to create something different, that black people owned versus being the face of someone else's product. It was an expensive challenge but in the end, the ends justified the means and it was worth it.

SC360: So what makes your vodka different, why should one buy Voo?
DS: Well, if you want quality vodka buy Voo. If you want just a nameplate buy the others stuff. Voo is 8 times distilled, it’s made right here in Michigan, it’s homegrown. One taste you’ll see there’s a quality difference and you’ll see why Voo is better than the rest.

SC360: Voo is available in Michigan and Nevada , where can it be purchased? 
DS: has a store locator where you can search by zipcode and view all stores that have Voo currently in your area. For locations that don’t have Voo simply go into your local liquor store and simply ask for it the more people asking for it, the more stores will pick it up. With so many vodka’s out there, in the end the peoples demand determines whether the stores will carry it. It’s a grassroots movement. Voo is not just a vodka it’s a lifestyle.
It's always a pleasure to meet homegrown talent and entrepreneurs, I wish DeCarlos and Voo Vodka much success!

Be sure to check out Voo Vodka at and also on Twitter.

Find my experience at the private tasting here

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