Out + About: Voo Vodka Private Tasting, Experiencing the #VooLife

Had a chance to attend a private tasting for the first Black-owned premium vodka, Voo Vodka in Greektown Detroit. Living up to it's slogan "So smooth a chaser is optional" this 8 times distilled vodka doesn't have the normal burn of those other vodka's and is the smoothest I've tasted, for sure! It's no secret I've never been a fan of vodka, that is until tasting Voo but that's not it, what makes Voo Vodka even more special is it's Imported from Detroit..made right here in Michigan!

I caught up and toasted to the VooLife with Raven and Jessica of the FabCocktail.com
(pictured above right before I interveiwed founder of Voo Vodka, DeCarlos Stewart)

Currently, Voo Vodka is exclusively being sold in Michigan and Las Vegas, to experience the Voo Life find out if Voo Vodka is available in your area, head to DrinkVoo.com to find out.

Be sure to check out my exclusive interview with Voo Vodka founder DeCarlos Stewart here.

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