Graphic T-Shirts + Midi Tutu's!

When DSR Apparel reached out to me to be a part of the launch (they launched today!!) of their new t-shirt line, "The Power Collection" I was very excited to support this brand!

When founder Jessica R. Simmons launched DSR Apparel, she set out to create t-shirts that would allow the woman wearing them to express who she is to the world in a positive way.

She also wanted to create t-shirts that made the woman wearing them feel transformed – like her own personal super hero – powerful, bold and confident.

DSR Apparel was created for the modern and empowered woman. [source]

Through life's ups and downs I've overcome and at 31, I stand empowered.  

When I saw the Queen t-shirt, I knew this one was for me! I am a woman who is powerful, strong, intelligent and an overcomer! I am royalty...a Queen, and definitely know my worth!  When choosing a name for my puppy, I settled on Prince because I wanted everyone to know that my dog was royalty just like his mom! So I definitely knew I would incorporate Prince in this shoot somehow someway!

I had a very strong vision with these pictures and styling this graphic t-shirt and with the help of my friend Liz, my look came to life! Liz actually made my skirt and Prince's bow tie. The skirt dressed up this t-shirt perfectly! Definitely, adding a classy and confident element to the look, matching the mantra of the Queen tee. Thank you again friend, you are amazing!!

Wearing: DSR Apparel "Queen" T-Shirt, get yours here; Custom Tutu skirt/Bracelet: Illustrious Jewelry by Liz (available by email here); Floral Heels: (OLD) Sunglasses and Clutch: Thrifted Necklace: H&M


(10% of the proceeds from the sale of the Power Collection will be donated to The Empowerment Plan, a Detroit based non-profit that employs formerly homeless women to make coats for the homeless.)
Photography by


  1. Omg this look is everything and your dog is just adorable!!

  2. First off, you have to understand this pup stole the show! haha, so adorable!

    Love the skirt, and the entire look.

  3. Love this look!


  4. I freakin LOVE this friend, you and Liz are killing it with the outfit pics. Prince is such a cutie!

  5. Absolutely LOVE this! Flawless!

  6. These images are so gorgeous! I love how the skirt turned out and it is always a pleasure to work with you! Thank you!!!!

  7. Absolutely amazing !!!! Pink is def your color

  8. I cosign with each and every compliment!
    Tammie of My Aura Blog

  9. Hello Queen Inez, you look very Royal in radiant orchid and your little doggie Prince is just too cute

  10. This look is so fabulous! Very Carrie Bradshaw and I love it all !!!


  11. Free of flaws... you look amazing!!!! Love this look!!!!

  12. ADORABLE outfit!!

    I think the email for Liz is incorrect. I received an error message.

    1. Hi Kia, oh no, Liz's email is

  13. This outfit is so FAB!! Very Carrie Brashaw about it! I love it and Prince is absolutely adorable in his matching bow tie!

  14. AMAZING!!

  15. Hello,Ciao...beautiful photos and Your style is charming...Fabolous...You're the Queen of Style and Beauty!
    greetings from Italy

  16. I have to have this skirt. The color just brought me back to life.

  17. I have to have this skirt. The color just brought me back to life.


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