Vacation Style: Crop Tops | Maxi Skirts

I can't seem to get enough of crop tops and maxi skirts! Whenever I wear this custom maxi skirt by Chargrel's Couture (Remember, you saw it here first and here on Instagram) I always feel ]great in it. It's so colorful, flowy and fun and did you notice it has pockets! Don't you just love skirts with pockets? They are so cute! This was the perfect look to stroll Nassau, Bahamas during my vacation.

If you watched my latest YouTube video, the plus size tag (Part I, Part II) then you know I said this season I was going to play around with the crop top. I think for me, pairing crop tops with high waist bottoms works best for my frame. I'm a fan of peek-a-boo skin.

Have you rocked a crop top this season? 

Wearing: Crop Top: Forever 21, Maxi Skirt: Chargrels Couture, Sunglasses: Vintage


  1. Love that skirt, that is it. Looks wonderful on you.

  2. This skirt...gimme!! Lol, I love the print. I must try this maxi and crop top combo. I'm so excited to try. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. I've made some crop top purchases and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my style. Your look is gorgeous though!

    Tammie of My Aura Blog


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