Three Ways I've Responded to Change + An Outfit Post

Change is scary!  Oftentimes, people, things and circumstances are placed in our lives to bring change, encourage change and force change. I'm at a point in my life where I recognize that change is brewing and I want to recognize it and be open to accepting it.

I've "grown" through a lot in the last few years and it's no doubt that some of those things have changed the person I am. Admittedly, some for the better and some for the worse. However, I am a constant work in progress and constantly seeking positive change.

Embracing change can be a struggle but by doing these things I know I will succeed.
  1. Be open to constructive criticism. Constructive criticism can hurt, it's not easy having someone tell you what you need to fix about yourself, right?! The harsh reality is, is that it's necessary for your growth. Constructive criticism from someone who you trust and who has your best interest at heart can be life changing. That is, when you are ready to receive it. Get out of your own way!
  2. Trust Gods Plan. This one!!! Trusting, y'all I'm 33, single, no children, never been married and all of my clocks are ticking so loud they've become my personal alarm clock, lol. But, trusting God's plan for my life is something I must do. Putting my trust in Him and having full faith that he will take care of me is what I believe in daily. No matter the circumstance. As my Bigma would say, He may not come when you want Him but He'll be there right on time. Learn to allow His will to take precedence over your wants.
  3. Be prepared when it is time to respond to change.  Desiring change and receiving it are two totally different things. In your season of expectancy recognize that you are being equipped for those things you have asked for. Be prepared and open to them when they come! 
I hope this inspired you to embrace change!

Striped Jumpsuit: JCPenney (On super sale here; straight size here)
Shoes: (these are extra cute!)
Clutch: H&M (this one is cute)
    Photos by: Already Ready Ent. 


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