Fall + Winter Fashion: Tips on Transitioning Your Wardrobe

It's my first post of the 2018!! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and your new year is off to a great start! The last time I wore this HM maxi dress was last summer while I was visiting family in Atlanta.

I absolutely love this dress and made a vow to myself that it would not be one of those items that I'd only wear once and allow to sit in my closet and collect dust...I mean it's too perfect right?  I know I'm not the only one, that wants to get the most of their closet, so transitioning summer pieces for fall and winter months are a must!

Sis, I live in Michigan and if you also live in a colder climate,  where summer fades and winter seems to creep up on you faster than it did previous season, then you can definitely relate to this post. Transitioning your wardrobe for the colder months will have you rocking those dresses and skirts with ease.
 So here are my tips that will keep you looking just as fly in the winter as you did in the summer.
Tip 1: Layer Up
Have a dope fuzzy sweater or faux fur vest? Through it over one of your long sleeve maxi dresses for an instant timeless and vintage feel. A leather jacket underneath the faux fur vest would have totally worked with this look too. Don't be afraid to layer up and experiment with textures. 

Tip 2: Pair Your Dresses with Thigh High Boots
This dress is serving major Angelina Jolie vibes with the double slits, paring it with thigh boots adds a level of sexiness to the look, while keeping your legs covered and warm.  

 Tip 3: Invest in cute accessories like hats, scarves and gloves
Although I kept this look free from winter accessories, a floppy hat, or even a fuzzy ball hat would have added another a great touch to list. I'll admit though, getting my hat to fit over my big head plus this wig is no easy feat. HAHA!

To Shop the look click the photos.


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