It's Not What You Think

I wrote a blog post (It's Lonely at the Top) yesterday expressing just how lonely I've been feeling lately. But I probably should have started here...

To be honest, I lost my faith in humanity on February 18, 2020 for reasons I'll get into another time. So, for the last few years, lets just say I've secluded myself from the world, relationships and any thing in between.  Mainly because my failed relationships outweighed my healthy and lasting  ones. I wanted no parts!

My outlook and the perception of that outlook was so flawed because of my disappointments I allowed no space for anything intimate. 

Now that God has given me peace and a new mindset, I am accepting of friendship and intimacy again. While this peace is exhilarating it's also a bit overwhelming at the same time. Going through valleys in life can really put us in ruts that if we're not careful can ruin us. I thank God for delivering me from my own pity and shame. 

A lot of my time now, is spent walking as I no longer drive. So while I'm out I have made it a habit to speak to everyone and spread the love that Jesus has shown me to strangers as often as I can. It is in my downtime and usually my walks home that I miss genuine companionship and the comfort that you receive from real loved ones. But it is also in this time I've met friends in unexpected places. 

It's no coincidence that as soon as I pressed publish last night, I received a call from a new friend of mine, and this morning an outpouring of love was shown to me from many new friends that I've met in the last few weeks. Truly God sent. 

Well, I don't believe in coincidences just Jesus and I firmly believe He asked me if I'd be willing to do it with Him alone and even though my response was yes...He proved to me I wouldn't have to. 

Thank you Father! 

I thank God for His provision and protection. He has shielded me and prepared a new path. 

He removes 
He restores 
He rebuilds 
and most of all He leads. 

I am forever grateful to Him for His grace and love. His will for my life is far greater than my wildest dreams. 

Are there areas in your life where you could trust in God more? I would encourage you to have a little faith it can really move mountains and surpass any disappointments. God knows the desires of our hearts and He will take care of us in His way and timing. 

Will you trust Him? 

Dear Lord, thank you for your peace and deliverance and being a shield when I needed it most. Please open my heart to receive friendship and love again. Create in me a clean heart so that I may reciprocate it as you have lead me to. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. 

©️ 8/25/22


  1. I don't believe in coincidence either. Those are God's hookups! Everytime I hear about Detroit, and stuff going on, I say to myself where is that one blogger at! Lol! Mike Epps, from my city is doing something there and Mia Ray is just busting down every barrier that Detroit had become to know. But, I always wonder where your posts are. By no coincidence, I was cleaning out my follow list and here I am. I too, have experienced this rebirth, hermit mode, lonely space. Losing ppl who didn't understand and only dealing with those I truly felt safe. I too am ready now. Connection is at the top of my list these last couple month's, and God is coming through. For some reason, he wanted a few of us to himself for a time. I'm ok with that. Hope you are well 🙏🏾


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