Truth Is

Are we really seeking truth

Truth is beauty
Truth is honesty behind walls of secrecy
Truth is faith beyond disbelief
Truth is pure

Honesty is love 
Yet, honesty is also hate
Because lies are the force behind the secrets of truth
Truth forces us to not only be true to ourselves but TRUE to others
Even when we don't want to be 
Even when when it scares us
Even when our reputation is on the the line
Even when it's the least popular thing to do

Honesty is horror
Because it forces us to accept our woes

Honesty is Terror 
Because it denounces our fears and gives way to freedom 

Truth is love 
Because without it there would be no true unadulterated matters of the heart

Honesty is hate
Because it forces us to reject the lies we've told ourselves and others
Can there be love where there are lies
Well, not in it's purest form

Can there be pain where there is honesty

Can there be freedom where there is truth

Well, honesty should always be the best policy, right

But what happens when we've held on to secrets 
year after year
day after day
night after night

What happens when all we see when we look in the mirror is the sight of the lie

What happens when our reputations no longer matter 
But our integrity does 

What happens when we give honesty time 

What happens when we speak truth and live by it 

What happens when we give the choice to the people we love 

Even when that choice might be goodbye 

Well in the end...
We'll be able to not only live with ourselves
but love ourselves again

©️ 8/21/2022
Dedicticated to my God, Keith and Law New


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