Top 5 Meal Prep Frequently Asked Questions Answered

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I've been meal prepping for a few months now, many of you have asked many questions regarding prepping. So in today's post I answer my Top 5 Meal Prep frequently asked questions.

1)  Why do you meal prep? 
I blogged about that here in my post, Why I Started Meal Prepping.

2)  Do you get tired of eating the same thing everyday? 
The short answer would be no.

I've always been an on again off again lunch packer most times including less than healthy options.  Meal prepping and  planning to eat the same thing everyday takes the guess work and disappointment out of at least, my lunchtime meals at work. I'd much rather prefer to know that my meals are prepared and tasty than buying and throwing away horrible food. Meal prep definitely alleviates this problem and saves me time and money.

I've suggested on Instagram that if you don't like eating the same thing perhaps you could prepare two meats per week and alternate, you can also prepare salads, or get even more creative with recipes. Or start small and try three days at a time. The key is figuring out what works best for YOU, this works for ME!

Sites I enjoy for motivation and inspiration:

Do you freeze your food? Does it go bad?
No, I do not freeze the food. I allow my food to cool completely before I seal the containers. I make sure to use air tight containers, like these and then I refrigerate everything. The food does not go bad at all. I use spinach in my salads instead of lettuce to keep moisture to a minimum and I core my cucumbers or cut them very thin. If I decide to add anything else to my salad I pack it on the side to avoid wilting. You might want to purchase a Salad or Produce Keeper like this one.

Do you measure your portions? 
No, I do not necessary measure with a scale, however, I do pay attention to the suggested serving size on the label of the food. I try to stay within those recommendations. Most times I find that I'm able to stretch the portions. I do however, measure my snacks with Great Value Portion Pack Snack Bags from WalMart.

What is your eating schedule? 
Generally, I eat breakfast at 9am, snack at 11am, lunch at 2pm, snack around 4pm and dinner no later than 7pm.

In no way am I claiming to be an expert on this but I've found that this works for me. In sharing, my hope is that this will help you all and encourage you to just try it out yourself.

The key is to figure out what works for you!


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